First off, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your photographer! I appreciate you being here!

Second, if you don't know me already, my name is Jadan Willis. Based in Southern Lancaster County, I'm an avid runner, concert goer, type A, social butterfly. 

I've been doing photography for several years, trying almost all the different kinds there are (newborn, family, vehicle, etc.) and have landed on portrait (senior, couple, maternity) + branding photography. 

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Britt + Dwight Maternity 2-2-21 (37).jpg

One of my goals is to make this photo session a breeze for you!

I promise to:

  • Pose you- you don't have to do any posing preparation beforehand (unless you want to browse Pinterest for inspiration!) I will lead the way!

  • Hype you up- it can be awkward in front of the camera, especially if this is your first official session! I will be there cheering you on!

  • Keep it as painless as possible- some people dread having their photo taken. I aim to keep things moving along and make it as enjoyable as I can! 

Read on for more tips!


(1) Location- factor in the location for our session. Wearing heels in the grass likely won't end well, there are some outfits that work better in a country setting VS a city one, and consider the weather too!

(2) Comfort- I want you to feel comfortable + confident in your outfit! Nothing that needs constant adjusting or something you despise wearing. Something that feels like YOU!

(3) Patterns- stay away from tiny, intricate patterns. They can show up as wavy in photos. Solids are always good and bigger patterns are fine! Feel free to text me a photo if you're questioning it!

(4) Colors- you can skip this if it's just you for the session! For my couples, there's a bit of coordination necessary to pair outfits. Aim for complimentary, not matching. Neutral, more muted colors are a great option! And feel free to mix textures!

Dana and Zach 11-7-21 (32).jpg


Do you need to get your hair + makeup done? Nope! 

If that's what will make you feel comfortable, then by all means, go for it! For makeup, I suggest a lighter look, rather than a heavy one. Go easy on anything shimmery! 

For hair, just like with clothing, nothing that needs constant adjusting and a style that makes you feel confident!


  • Before you leave your house, brush (and ideally floss!) your teeth, check for lint and/or pet hair, and put on some chapstick! 

  • Bring with you any necessary touch up materials (hair brush, lipgloss, etc.) that you think you may need right before the photos! You can do a lookover in the car mirror right before you step out!

  • Make sure you take off any hairties on your wrist as well! And consider taking off your Apple Watch- I'll leave that up to you!

  • PHONES- I recommend you leave your phone in the car or pass it off to me to keep in my camera bag so that we don't get any pocket outlines! Same goes for wallets!

  • Gallery Delivery- you will receive your photos via an online gallery within 2 weeks of your session! You can expect at least 40 photos from a classic session, 65 from a deluxe, and 20 from a mini session.

  • Session Length- expect to spend about 45 minutes (maybe 30 minutes active time!) at a classic session, 30 minutes/location for a deluxe, and 20 minutes for a mini session

Brandie + Kyle Boat Photos 8-21-21-38.jpg
Emma 8-19-19 12.jpg
Berkeley's Senior Photos 7-20-21 (7).jpg

The first few minutes of the session are almost guaranteed to be awkward- that's okay! It takes some warming up, again, especially if this your first time in front of the camera!

If you're concerned you're not photogenic, I assure you that's not the case. I will help you with posing and you'll do amazing. :)

For my couples, use this as an opportunity to go out on a date night after the photos! Might as well, ya know?

Any questions? Text me at (717) 945-2405! 

Looking forward to our session!