It was drizzling, but last March, Pam and I knocked out a mini branding session in just 20 minutes! Her business was brand new and she needed headshots! 

She has maximized those photos on her website, social media, and printed materials!

A few months ago, she approached me for a full branding session. Pam is a mobile notary, meaning she travels to you, at your convenience! Like any branding session, we wanted to make the most of our time together. We decided on 3 locations and 3 outfits. All 3 locations being places she often visits- a retirement home, settlement table, and coffee shop. 

This also meant we needed to coordinate with said locations and round up some friends to model as clients! I used one of my favorite tools, Calendly, for our Realtors (they are actually licensed, not just pretending!) and settlement location to choose a day that worked for them!

Pam’s specialty is senior clients. She travels to nursing homes, hospitals, senior centers and more to help aging clients with any paperwork they may need. Estate planning, deeds, etc. We started at Neffsville Nursing Home!

Pam brought along appropriate paperwork and props for each location. For example, she has a signature guide and special pen that she uses with her senior clientele! I just had to get a photo with the sign out front! It’s so Pam and, well, states the obvious.

Next up was Penn Charter Abstract, which is a real estate title insurance agency that focuses on customized, concierge services without all the added fees. I should explain that Pam is in *all* the local networking groups (I met her in the Southern Lancaster Chamber, of course) and used her connections for this session!!! 

We staged a settlement and even showcased a few other documents too. We were exploiting each location!

This is one of my favorites! If you’ve been to any notary appointment, you know that showing an ID is pretty much a given. We wanted to show that part of the process! With a quick edit, I was able to remove the expiration date of this license, to keep it anonymous. 

Last stop: Prince St Cafe in Lancaster City! Pam’s husband, Ron (AKA Mr Lancaster PA Notary) occasionally serves as a witness and will soon be more involved in the business, so he joined us too!

Branding sessions in a nutshell- you in your environment, your tools, and headshots. Usually there is staging, but it’s all realistic. It’s what you as the business owner would normally be doing, but with more pausing, repetition, and of course me, snapping hundreds of photos! 

We wrapped the session up with some headshots!

Beginning Monday, July 1st, Pam will be serving our senior community in a new way! Watch her page for more info!  Congrats to Pam on her thriving, growing business!!! You can learn more about Lancaster PA Notary here!