Kaitlyn + Eric are two of my forever clients. This was session number 5 for them!

Eric works at Paul Risk Construction in Quarryville, where Coors is the VP of Hospitality of Happiness. He brought Coors home in December 2020.
This was Kaitlyn’s first dog, but after a few weeks of warming up to each other, she became a true dog mom.
Coors was 15 years old (!!!) and after dealing with multiple health issues and medications, they decided it was time for her to be pain free.
You can tell how truly loved Coors is! She got to spend every day with Eric at work, laying underneath his desk, in her own office space/bed.
She had an amazing party last year for her 15th birthday, which happens to be on Cinco de Mayo.
Lots of love to Kaitlyn and Eric. <3