No better way to test a new location than to just have a session there, right? That’s what we did for Joelle + Justin! Joelle is from my area (Southern Lancaster) but we both moved up to Northern Lancaster recently, so it worked out well to test out this spot in Ephrata, which is walking distance from my house, lol. 

First I started with the “safe bet,” diffused backlighting and an open sky in the front! That’s the ideal lighting set up. And it did not disappoint!

Then we headed over to test out some of the trails. 

Joelle wanted to bring beer along for the session- going out to breweries is one of their favorite things to do! So while we made our way over to an area for that, we stopped along the way for some more photos. 

I always like to get individual shots during a couple session!!! 

How sweet is this black and white? Photo sessions are awkward by default, but it is possible to get the hang of it! This was one of those shots where Joelle and Justin just posed themselves. And they nailed it!

And we wrapped up with the beer! 

On the way back the car, Joelle requested some photos with the bleachers, which turned out adorable! If you have an idea at a session, share them with me and I’ll see what I can do! I’m always open for suggestions!

Again, by the end of the session, the posing becomes more natural and you’re getting comfortable in front of the camera!