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To be honest, I couldn't tell you the exact age I became interested in photography. I do know that at the beginning, I was using a basic point and shoot and my iPad. So you already know the quality of my work was top notch. 

In 2014 (?), while at the Baltimore Aquarium with my friend, I noticed her camera was several steps above mine (it had detachable lenses and you could adjust the settings). Unsurprisingly, her photos turned out a lot better than mine. So that convinced me to get my Canon Rebel T3. 

MANY years later, I upgraded to a professional camera (my Canon 5D Mark IV). And here we are now!

Jadan's Headshots 5-21-21 (13).jpg

In 2020, I challenged myself to make 20 new savory recipes to fill out my recipe box. Cooking intimidated me because I was more of a baker. Now I'm a lot more comfortable cooking and even meal prep! But baking's still my favorite. ;)

Love, love LOVE podcasts. If you know me in real life, then you've likely heard me bring up podcasts in everyday conversation, lol. It's a good mix of current events, education, and entertainment!

I am a huge fan of networking groups, notably the Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce, which I teamed up with to create Entrepreneur Edge, a networking group for small business owners!

I'm an avid runner and ran  my first half marathon in November 2021! I despise running on the treadmill, so I find ways to make outdoor running work for as much of the year as possible!





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