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LANY Concert 2021

Fire alarms, watching a fender bender unfold, 5+ hours waiting in line, an Instagram cameo, and free parking. This concert was quite the adventure.

LANY at The Met Philadelphia

May 2019 was my first concert, seeing LANY in Philly at the Fillmore. Since then, I've been hooked. COVID nixed several of my concerts last year, but a few weeks ago, I *finally* found my way back to one!

Morgan and I have been DMing for probably at least 2 years about our similar music tastes. One of us posted about the LANY concert from the Fillmore, and we realized we had both been there. The rest is history!

This was our first concert together, but I'd say we make a good duo. We arrived in Philly, drove past the venue (The Met) to scope things out, then went about finding parking. The paid venue parking was offered to us when we bought the tickets, but (1) it was $50 and (2), more importantly, it didn't open until 6PM... The concert started at 7:30PM, for reference.

Morgan found parking a few minutes from the venue and when we made it to the parking lot entrance, we realized it was indeed the venue parking. The parking attendant informed us that we could just park on the street adjacent to the lot. That required parallel parking, which neither of us excel at, but between teamwork, a big spot, and some patience, we managed to get free parking. Can't beat that.

Now, Morgan is a concert fiend. And a professional at getting front row. So we ended up in line around 2PM with maybe a dozen people in front of us? We settled in, laid down our blanket, ate lunch that we picked up along the way, and let the time pass by. We played cards, people watched, watched a car accident play out at the intersection in front of us (thankfully no one was hurt), and then around 5:30PM, we packed up our non essentials and put them back in the car so we wouldn't have a lot to bring inside.

Around 6:30PM, the line was split up into a few entry points, and we were second in line at the one check in. We befriended the two girls in front of us (who actually arrived at 9AM to wait in line), and eventually made it inside to the theatre doors. We were instructed by the staff to *not* run down the ramps to the stage, and sure enough, Morgan and I got front row, along the fence. Next to the girls we befriended too!

Unbeknownst to me, there were TWO openers, which did drag on unfortunately. Finallyyyy around 9:15PM, LANY made their debut. I have to say, I did not expect to be as excited (ecstatic, thrilled) as I was. Being front row is an insane experience. While this wasn't a stadium event, it was what I'd classify as a medium concert. Still a TON of people, which is what makes being front row even more fun and wild.

*watch with volume at your own risk, I know concert audio can be very cringey*

For some reason (the fog maybe???) the fire alarms went off too many times to count, so the songs would occasionally be cut short as the PA system cut off. After the first few, the PA system stayed on, and eventually the fire alarms were gone for good, lol.

The craziest part of all was when the lead singer, Paul, got off stage and started picking spots to stand on the fence and hug the audience, while singing. He started on the right, then the middle, then his last spot was right in front of Morgan and I.

Credit: @thisislany on Instagram

LANY at The Met Philadelphia

I'm on the right, with my glasses and elbow over the fence. This was one of the photos they chose to post in their Philly recap post! So that's pretty neat.

After a reasonable amount of songs (including several from their newest album that released not long beforehand), we left and made it back to my car, hit some traffic, and made it home shortly after 2AM.

Seriously, being front row was an amazing experience. I definitely recommend. Takes some dedication of course, but it was worth it.

Now to wait until December for another Philly concert, that was postponed from March 2020!

The Met was so cute!

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