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Kaitlyn + Eric: A Special Day at Beechdale Farms

I met Kaitlyn manyyy years ago through one of my brother's friends. She has followed along with my life on Facebook and Instagram ever since! Back in September 2019, she DMed me on my photography Instagram, inquiring about family photos. After picking a location, discussing props, and me scouting out the location, we took those photos in October!

Partway through the session, Kaitlyn let me in on a secret. Her and Eric were getting married in December (yes, December 2019) and were about to tell her mom the news! So I got to photograph that moment, and many other special moments with her family. As we were packing everything up, Kaitlyn asked if I wanted to be their wedding photographer! I looked at my calendar, saw I was free, and said sure!

Keep in mind, this would be my first wedding. I didn't even know the full time line or traditions of a typical wedding day, lol. Unbeknownst to the readers who are not photographers, wedding photography is a whole different ball game. Not only did it require a step up in the equipment department (more batteries, SD cards, flash, etc.), it's a huge responsibility being asked to capture a once-in-a-lifetime event. No redos. No repeats. You need to have your ship in order, to put it politely.

Kaitlyn asked about a second shooter, which I lacked, so she told me we could ask Chris, who works with her mom. I knew Chris through friends, and have long admired his photography. Long story short, Chris came out of "retirement from wedding to photography" to co-shoot with me!

I am *SO* glad he was there with me since it was my first rodeo and there's no way I could have captured everything myself! We split responsibilities up throughout the day to make sure nothing was missed. It was honestly the perfect step into the wedding world.

What made this wedding day extra special is that Kaitlyn had the wedding planned in such a short time frame (about three months!) so that her Mimi could be there to see her get married.

Also, the venue (AKA, a MANSION) was gorgeous. The bathrooms were perfect for getting ready photos with all the mirror lights. A cozy fireplace in the living room. And a marble floor for where the ceremony was held! My favorite part about the ceremony was ALL THE NATURAL LIGHT.

Anyways, I am unbelievably thankful for this opportunity to take photos for a memorable day. :) And a huge thank you to Chris for answering all my questions, before, during, and after the wedding day!

A side note: all of these photos were taken by me; Chris has his photos and I have mine!

The day started at 6AM, with Kaitlyn and her Poppy meeting for breakfast (as per their usual tradition) at Quarryville Family Restaurant!

First off, a reveal to Mimi and the bridesmaids!

The photo blanket was as much of surprise to me as it was to Mimi! :)

Then, a reveal to her Poppy!

Right before Kaitlyn walked down the aisle.

Third picture is Eric carefully placing a cash gift into his suit pocket, lol.

VENUE: Beechdale Farms- Bird in Hand, PA

FLORALS: Abbie Welk, with Lavender and Lath

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