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Jason Burkholder Real Estate Team Branding Photos

Updated: Oct 9

As a lot of you may know, I was once a Realtor! For one of my pre-licensing classes, I had Jason Burkholder as my teacher!

From left to right: Adam High, Jaci Hoosier, Jason Burkholder, Kelly Burkholder

Since then, we've been friends on Facebook, keeping up with each other. When Jason formed his team at Welcome Home Real Estate, I had the opportunity to take their branding photos!

And better yet, I actually met Jaci through my Realtor training classes, so it was great to see her again!

Shortly prior to this, I discovered Hingework, this studio in Lancaster City. It was the perfect chance to use the space for the first time!

We put the studio's kitchen table to use, Jason brought some Welcome Home props (note the sign in the background- that was his idea!), and we got a variety of photos! They've already been put to use on the team's new site and on their social media!

Branding photos make for great filler photos to spruce up your site, socials, and marketing materials!

You'll notice that a lot of the photos have negative space- this leaves space to put text in! Or they can be cropped down as well.

Congratulations to the Jason Burkholder Real Estate Team!!

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