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Jadan's Favorite Podcasts

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

At some point during my junior year, I decided I wanted to be at least a *little* more aware of current events. I tried reading articles through news sites/watching videos, but I just could not be consistent with it. Not to mention the wifi was so bad at my house that the videos often wouldn't even play. Gotta love Frontier.

Eventually I stumbled upon podcasts and they fit the bill. I could get my news each morning as I drove to school and then listen to more "fun" podcasts on the drive home. Despite my wifi being awful, podcasts download pretty quickly (I use the Apple Podcast App), so I can listen on my runs or drive without any interruptions.

A lot of my friends have heard me say, on several occasions, "There was this one podcast I listened to and-" I always tie podcasts into my day to day to conversations. I truly do adore them!

Anyways, the following is a list of my personal favorite podcasts, that I've found so far. ;)

(All subscription links take you to the Apple Podcast app since that's my podcast app of choice.)



NPR's Up First is generally 15 minutes or less and comes out everyday except Sunday! It summarizes the most pressing current events. It's pretty cut and dry, but it gets the job done. Makes you feel informed about the world's happenings.




Coming from The NY Times, each episode is about 25-30 minutes and comes out Monday-Friday, doing a deep dive into one specific current event. At the very end, the host (Michael Barbaro) quickly summarizes other current events. I highly recommend this; the episodes can be extremely eye-opening.




Also from NPR, Planet Money is educational, but a tad more entertaining. They explain a variety of topics, from the science of table placement at a restaurant to how vodka is made. Episode #967 (Escheat Show) was particularly interesting. The episodes are about 15-30 minutes long.




LMM covers personal finance, which is something I'm quite passionate about. Each episode opens with Matt and Andrew sharing what alcoholic drink they've chosen for the episode. Pretty laid back, casual banter, cussing included. New episodes (about 30-60 minutes) come out on Mondays!




Coming from a husband & wife photographer duo that I've followed for years (they're well-known in the photography community), they share helpful tips for both life and business. It's heartwarming and cute-sy at times, so be warned. Target audience is likely moms/dads who are self employed, but I've still learned a few things. Episodes are about 40-60 minutes.




Each episode Ashley Flowers tells a different true crime story and her best friend Brit serves as commentary. The stories are very well-researched and thorough. There'es a new episode (about 30-60 minutes each) every Monday!




Unlike Crime Junkie, CounterClock is a series about one specific unsolved murder that happened in the Outer Banks back in 1997. Episodes are about 30-4o minutes long. At the time of writing this, season 1 is wrapping up!



One small note: I will warn you that it's VERY unsettling to look up the hosts of any podcast because it completely shatters the mental image you had created for them, lol.


Up First:

The Daily:

Planet Money:

Listen Money Matters:

Life with Amy & Jordan:

Crime Junkie:


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