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Berkeley's Senior Photos

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

We all know word of mouth referrals are the best way to boost your business, which is exactly how I found this opportunity! Last August, I took Sean's senior photos, and his parents were kind enough to recommend me to the other football parents!

So last week, I was back at the LS stadium (which is beautiful by the way!) to take these photos. Sean's dad, Steve McTaggart, graciously spent his evening with us because he's one of the football coaches, and had the key to let us in. Huge thank you to Steve!

The other thing that worked out perfectly was me being able to get some "action shots" while Steve and Berkeley passed the football back and forth.

And I thought their footballs were pretty nifty with the LS logo.

My favorite location, which I totally missed last year, were these steps:

Why are these steps so noteworthy? Concrete is amazing for photos because the sunlight bounces off the light surface and serves as a neutral-colored reflector! Plus these steps had a nice clean background behind them.

Overall, it was a great session! Good luck to Berkeley with his senior year!

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